Carefully engineering each aspect of a project maximizes savings and provides a turn-key solution with no surprises.


Data Colletion

  • Survey equipment
  • Occupancy loggers
  • Meter usage
  • Review energy bills


  • Analyze data
  • Define customer’s needs and lighting standards
  • Design solution for customer’s goals


  • Develop schedule to not interrupt operations
  • Communicate progress updates
  • Onsite project manager to oversee installation


  • Apply for rebates and tax incentives
  • Measure and verify savings

The Engineered solution

There are many factors to consider when engineering a custom lighting solution. Capacity’s engineers will design a solution to reduce energy expense, reduce maintenance cost, and improve the light output. Properly placed lighting fixtures will evenly illuminate work areas to optimize productivity and increase safety.

Data Collection

Data loggers are used to collect data to analyze occupancy, usage and functionality. A Daylight Harvesting Study uses data loggers to record daylight and digital image processing for daylight analysis. By collecting concrete data, Capacity can give an accurate payback analysis as well as design an optimal custom lighting solution for you.

Financial Analysis

Energy projects should not be considered capital improvements, instead they should be looked at as investments. We generate a financial report showing the value of the investment, using your internal discount rate.

Additional Savings

While energy reduction is motivating factor in many projects, maintenance savings or tax savings can also justify a project. Projects are designed to qualify for federal, state and local incentive programs. Many utility companies provide significant rebates to install energy efficient lighting that often pay a good percent of the installed project cost. A group re-lamp or replacing many of the lights at one time, eliminates almost all required maintenance for the first three years. Capacity completes a maintenance study that projects the reduction in labor to repair lights, and the reduction of inventory of replacement parts.

Environmental Impact

Sustainability and green initiatives are increasingly beneficial for positive public relations. Even someone who is not environmentally concious will agree the savings are substantial.

  • Annual Carbon Emissions Reduction
  • Annual Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Emissions Reduction
  • Annual Nitrogen Oxide (NO,NO2) Reduction
  • Coal Burning Avoided
  • Atmospheric Mercury Contamination Avoided
  • Equivalent Acres Of Forest Added
  • Equivalent Number Of Cars Removed From The Road

The example above uses real numbers from a lighting project that saved about $15,000 a year on energy cost, and after implementation, the project avoided burning 125,097 pounds of coal annually.

Project Management

Complete Turn-Key Solution

Capacity offers a turn-key solution. We handle everything from initial design to completing rebates. Our account representative and on-site project manager will ensure that your project will run smoothly, with no interruption to your business, from start to finish.

single point of contact

Capacity provides a single point of contact for the entire project scope. Your account representative simplifies the project for you while efficiently managing engineering, design and installation.

No Interruption to Your Business

Capacity schedules around your operations. We are familiar with heavy industrial, warehousing and manufacturing. From the Engineered Lighting Study to installation, your business process will continue to run without interruption.