engineered approach

custom lighting solution

financial analysis

lighting design

Capacity takes an engineered approach to design and will implement a custom lighting solution for you that optimizes energy efficiency and improves lighting quality. After completing the study, Capacity will present to you a custom financial analysis that outlines your savings and shows a detailed design layout map of the lighting design.

Occupancy Study

Capacity deploys occupancy data loggers that record when the lights are on and when occupancy is detected in the area. The data is analyzed to determine the energy savings that could be captured if the lights are retrofitted with occupancy sensors. We analyze the data from loggers to determine the payback of lighting control systems.

Daylight Harvesting Study

Digital image processing and loggers are used to maximize lighting quality and efficiency by maintaining a recommended light level that varies according to the space.

Utility Bill Analysis

We analyze your demand charges and cost per kWh to give you an accurate analysis of the cost to run the existing lighting system.

Layout Design

Using the data from the Engineered Lighting Study, Capacity maps out properly placed lighting to evenly illuminate areas for efficiency and safety, and we develop a design customized for you.

Tax Incentives and Utility Rebates

Our experts will be sure to capture rebates to maximize payback.

Maintenance Study

We will capture additional savings through reduced labor, repair and inventory.

Financial Analysis

We complete a custom financial analysis based on data from the Engineered Lighting Study. A report with all the data and analysis is created and is personally presented to you.