In a large industrial plant with 24/7 operations, Capacity’s project manager implemented a plan for the install team to meet a firm finish date while not disrupting production. The install team followed proper hot wiring procedures in order to allow production to continue seamlessly. They worked wearing respirators and used the proper health and safety equipment to successfully install lighting in two facilities covering over 1,500,000 square feet.



In order to capture available rebates for our customer, Capacity identified and worked against aggressive deadlines. After design work was completed, we leveraged our close relationships with suppliers to shorten lead times ensuring that product was ready for the installation. In less than two months from contract execution, lighting was installed in spaces totaling over 750,000 square feet in three separate facilities. The Capacity project manager and install crew worked during third shift when production was at its lowest output. They took advantage of a plant shutdown day and installed lights on Thanksgiving Day, and easily met the deadline.



With Capacity’s Shared Savings Program, projects can be executed with no capital money required. Projects can be paid from the energy savings over a three year period, creating positive cash flow for you. With the Shared Savings Program, a large manufacturing plant saved $5,125 on monthly energy and maintenance cost. This gave the plant the ability to execute the project immediately instead of waiting on capital budget approval, giving an additional nine months of energy savings, adding up to save half the project cost.

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No matter the environment, the Capacity install team will work with you on an efficient install process. With high temperatures of 140º F at the ceiling, the Capacity team worked through slag dust build up on fixtures to install a new lighting system that significantly improved the lighting quality and reduced energy spend. With a quick project execution of four weeks to capitalize on changing rebates, we completed a challenging installation, working over furnaces and other ancillary equipment resulting in improved lighting and energy savings.

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Working with a large manufacturing company with facilities in multiple states, Capacity designed and implemented a system for each facility which lowered energy cost by 30-88% while capturing the rebate offered in each state. Capacity’s Engineered Lighting Study revealed that they could see significant savings from sensor technology. Working during off-peak times, our install crew installed lighting with no disruption to production. Understanding the requirement of each facility and working within food grade requirements, we used coated bulbs and wire guards to install a lighting system that improved the overall lighting quality while reducing energy spend.



Every industry has its unique requirements. The Capacity team is ready to understand these requirements and implement a lighting project to reduce energy spend, improve lighting quality and meet the requirements of your industry. In a national health and fitness organization, Capacity significantly improved the lighting in the pool area while using vapor tight fixtures for chemical compatibility with chlorine. Modeling was performed to meet the NCAA foot candle requirements to offer excellent lighting on the tennis courts. While significantly reducing the energy cost, the lighting improvements were noticed by customers and employees. The success in this facility has led Capacity to work with the national team to educate its facility managers and CEO on energy savings opportunities.